for hildon-extras 0.9.6. The latest version of this documentation can be found on-line at

I. Buttons
HeCheckButton — Two-label check button in Hildon-Extras
HeColorButton — A widget to open HeColorDialog
HeFancyButton — A fancy button
HeFontButton — A widget to open HeFontDialog
HeFullscreenButton — A semi-transparent button to leave fullscreen mode.
II. Dialogs
HeAboutDialog — An about dialog for Hildon-based applications
HeColorDialog — A dialog to allow the user to select colors
HeFontDialog — A dialog to allow the user to select fonts
HeSimpleColorDialog — An simple_color dialog for Hildon-based applications
III. Widgets
HeArrowedEntryHildonEntry with an arrowed button to its right
HeColorSelector — A widget to select a color.
HeFontSelector — A widget to select a font.
HeMenuStore — A GtkTreeModel based on a GtkMenu
HeMenuView — A widget to display a GtkMenu as a series of GtkTreeView columns.
HeMenuViewColumn — A pannable tree view of a single GtkMenu widget
IV. Time Zone Chooser
he-tz-chooser — Function definitions for the closed HildonTimeZoneChooser
V. Helpers
he-helper — A collection of useful utility functions.
HeCellRendererToggle — A replacement for GtkCellRendererToggle
VI. Qt Wrapper
qt-he-wrapper — A class for Qt-based software that contains static methods invoking various Hildon Extras dialogs.
VII. Widget gallery